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Cyclotron, Inc.---

Cyclotron, Inc. provides commercial cyclotron users with today's most reliable and robust solutions to their isotope-production targetry and accelerator needs:

Our C-18 Cyclotron System* is optimized for commercial-scale production of isotopes such as 18F. Our C-28 Cyclotron System is the newest work-horse for commercial-scale production of isotopes such as 201Tl. For older CS-30 machines already in place, our C-28 upgrade / conversion adds new life, plus an extra 1 MeV over the original factory-rated energy, thus adding an extra 10-20% to the final, overall 201Tl yield.

Our improved all-metal vacuum seal design eliminates the need for periodic replacement of elastomer O-rings, while overcoming the known shortcomings of indium-foil-covered C-rings. Our superior magnet coil design provides significantly higher resistance to radiation damage than the coils supplied with the original equipment. Our ruggedized "dee" design offers substantially improved cooling and mechanical stability. Our advanced high-power internal target design includes 2-axis adjustment for optimum tangential matching of beam to target face.

*Ref. Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry Editors: J.M. Link, T.J. Ruth, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August, 1995.

Key Personnel

George Hendry is the President and Technical Director of Cyclotron, Inc. He is well-known in the Cyclotron Community and has been a leader in the field for 30 years, first as Vice President for R&D at the Cyclotron Corporation, and subsequently at CTI Cyclotron Systems. He led the development of biomedical isotope-producing cyclotrons which continue to set the standard world-wide for stable, economical, and dependable operation.

Jeff Miller is the operations manager of Cyclotron, Inc., and is responsible for customer service and project management. Jeff was also operations manager at CTI Cyclotron Systems before joining with George Hendry to form Cyclotron, Inc.

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