The following standard detector system configurations are available from Carroll / Ramsey Associates. Model Numbers are organized under general categories listed below. Letter and number suffixes denote various packaging, operating configuration, and display / interface options:

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Laboratory and Process Monitoring Instrumentation

Model 101HDC-3 Triple-channel radiation detector system; operates in DC-coupled mode. Signal outputs (each channel) -- analog "DC" voltage proportional to input gamma doserate. System operates on +12 to +24 VDC. This system is intended for use in relatively high-level gamma-radiation environments, where temperature drift is not a factor. May be used with Model 110 Power supply / Readout / display unit described below.

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Model 101-S-DC Single-channel version of Model 101HDC-3 described above. May be used with Model 110 readout and display unit described below.

Model 105S-1 High-sensitivity detector system for flow monitoring in HPLC or other precision laboratory applications. The Detector probe comprises a 1 cm3 CsI(Tl) scintillating crystal coupled to a 1 cm2 Si PIN photodiode / low-noise preamplifier, all built into a compact probe 0.75" square x 1.50" long. The probe is connected to a bench-top console / processing unit 7.75" w x 7.0" d x 2.5" h.

Signal outputs: 1. Analog "DC" voltage proportional to countrate over threshhold, for connection to user's external computer, chart recorder, etc. and, 2. Individual analog pulses whose amplitude(s) are proportional to photon energy. Connect directly to your multi-channel analyzer for examination of pulse-height spectrum.

Standard system operates on 110 VAC 50/60 Hz. Optional: (specify with order) 220 VAC 50 Hz.

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General Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation

Model 102-S Single-channel radiation detector system for general radiation monitoring applications such as inside laboratory hot cells or fume hoods. Detector element and post-amplifier / integrator are built into a single enclosure 7" long (incl. 0.5" mounting flanges) x 2.5" wide x 1.5" high. System operates in ac-coupled pulse mode to eliminate temperature drift. Nominal working range from ~ 1 mr/hour to 20 r/hour. Signal output: Digital pulse train--pulse-rate proportional to input doserate. System requires +24 VDC power.

Model 107

Neutron-Prooftm Ion-chamber radiation monitor system for use in cyclotron and target vaults. Non-metallic chamber construction minimizes neutron activation and consequent false readings. Standard configuration employs an 1100 cm3 chamber connected to a remote wall-mounted readout console unit (user supplies interconnecting cables). The remote console unit contains HV power supply, electrometer amplifier, and digital readout.

Model 107-1

Neutron-Prooftm Ion-chamber radiation monitor system with remote interface intended for use in networked data-acquisition systems. Each detector produces a TTL-compatible digital pulse-rate output proportional to doserate. Remote interface includes HV power supply, electrometer amplifier, and current-to-pulse-rate converter. User provides interconnecting cables and 24 VDC power supply.

Environmental Monitoring

Model 105S-2

'Stack Monitor' detector probe, comprising a 2" x 2" x 1" CsI crystal, Si PIN diode, and low-noise preamplifier, which are embedded in epoxy and encased in a nominal 2.75" x 2.6" x 1.35" aluminum can. The detector responds to individual gamma photons, producing pulses of current which are transmitted to a remote console chassis (same unit as Model 105S-1 described above) which includes shaping amplifier / threshhold discriminator / integrating filter with a (nominal) 1 second integrating time constant. Signal output(s) are: 1) a "DC" current which is proportional to gamma doserate in CsI, 2) Analog pulses to drive a multi-channel analyzer for pulse-height spectrum display, and 3) digital pulse rate of counts-over-threshhold. Power to -- and signal from -- the detector probe are conducted via a single coaxial cable 10 ft (or less) in length.

Portable and Low-Power

Model 106-S Single-channel radiation detector system for low-power portable monitoring and dosimetry applications. Low-noise detector probe 0.6"w x 0.35" h x 1.50" l detects low-energy gamma and x-ray photons down to ~5KeV. Post-amplifier / signal integrator is built into a metal enclosure 1.50"w x 0.7" high x 2.25" long. System operates on 18-28 VDC ~0.5 mA. Signal outputs: 1. Analog "DC" voltage proportional to doserate and, 2. Digital pulses--one per detected photon. Open collector output, counts asserted low.

Model 106-S-DC-M

Portable lab monitor--for use near concentrated sources of relatively high activity--uses Si PIN diode probe operating in DC mode, connected to remote readout unit containing electrometer amplifier and 3 1/2" analog indicating meter (arbitrary scale). Unit is powered by internal 9 VDC battery.

Readout and Display

Model 110A

Remote readout for multiple single-channel detectors. Unit contains 12 VDC power supply, 3 1/2 digit numerical display, power and signal terminal connections, and input switching capability for up to 9 detector channels. This unit functions as a dual (auto) range digital voltmeter, covering 0-1.500 V and 0-9.99 V. For a permanent record, signals from each detector channel may also be fed to the user's computer data-acquisition system.

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